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P-1A Non-Immigrant Visa

P-1A Internationally Recognized Athlete Are you an athlete internationally recognized who will be performing at a competition level either in a group or in an individual capacity?  If so, the P-1A classification may be right for you. Who may qualify as an athlete? You may qualify as an athlete if you are planning to compete…
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F-1 Non-Immigrant Student Visa

F-1 Student Visa Are you seeking to study full-time in the United States? To be eligible for a F1 student nonimmigrant visa, the individual must satisfy the following: Be enrolled in an academic educational program or a vocational program or a language-training program from an institution (college, university, seminary, conservatory, academic high school, elementary school)…
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H-3 Non-Immigrant Visa

H-3 Non-Immigrant Visa for Trainee or Special Education Exchange Visitor Are you seeking to receive training that is not available in your home country or to attend a special education exchange visitor training program focused on the education of children with disabilities? If so, the H-3 visa may be for you. The H-3 visa is…
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I Non-Immigrant Visa

I Visa for Representatives of Foreign Media Are you a foreign reporter, editor, or film crew seeking to enter the United States to engage solely in that profession representing a foreign information media and maintain a home office in your home country? If so, the I visa may be for you. How to apply for…
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J-1 Non-Immigrant Visa

J-1 Exchange Visitor Visa Are you a professor, a teacher, a research assistant, a student, a specialist, a nanny, or a trainee seeking to teach, lecture, instruct, conduct research, receive medical education or training, or studying as part of an approved program designed to promote the exchange of persons, skills, and knowledge in the fields…
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