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USCIS Launches H1-B Employer Public Database

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On Monday, April 1st, USCIS launched its H1-B Employer Data Hub: a searchable database of H1-B employer information. Anyone can search the database by year, employer, location and/or

In addition, USCIS has published a brief guide on how to use the H1-B Employer Data Hub. It also outlines USCIS’s data collection and organization methodologies, citing completed copies of Form I-129 as its primary source.

While there is a wealth of information to explore through the program, USCIS cautions that their data collection technique runs the risk of inaccuracy. “We strive to ensure that the data in our electronic systems are accurate, but because we transfer data from paper forms into the electronic systems manually, data entry errors may occur. Additionally, information provided on a paper form is reported by the applicant, petitioner, or requestor (or their representative or preparer), so there may be errors on the forms when we receive them,” the guide notes. 

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