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H-3 Non-Immigrant Visa

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H-3 Non-Immigrant Visa for Trainee or Special Education Exchange Visitor

Are you seeking to receive training that is not available in your home country or to attend a special education exchange visitor training program focused on the education of children with disabilities? If so, the H-3 visa may be for you.

The H-3 visa is not intended to secure employment in the United States. Rather, it is intended to secure training that will benefit the participant for a particular job performed outside the United States.

If you are entering as a Trainee

To be eligible for a H-3 nonimmigrant visa, the trainee must have received an invitation to participate in a training program in a field other than graduate medical education and related to work that will be performed outside the United States. If some type employment is required, it may only be incidental.

If you are entering as a special education exchange visitor

The Special Education Exchange Visitor program is subject to a cap and no more than 50 H-3 visas in can be approved.

The U.S. employer must have a structured program to provide education to children with disabilities which includes the type of training the prospective H-3 visitor will receive and the list of professional staff which will be delivering the training.

The special education exchange visitor must either have earned a baccalaureate or a higher degree in special education or has almost completed such degree or has gained substantial training and experience teaching children with disabilities.

How long is a H-3 visa valid for a Trainee?

The H-3 visa may be issued for up to 2 years.

How long is a H-3 visa for a Special Education Exchange Visitor?

The H-3 visa may be issued for up to 18 months.

Can the H-3 visitor bring family members?

Yes, the visitor’s spouse and children under age 21 may enter the United States as H-4 nonimmigrants but are not authorized to work while in the United States.

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