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P-1B Non-Immigrant Visa

P-1B Member of an Internationally Recognized Entertainment Group Are you planning to enter the United States to perform as a member of an entertainment group that has gained outstanding international recognition? What is an internationally recognized group? The entertainment group must have gained international recognition and retained such recognition for at least one year.  It…
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P-3 Non-Immigrant Visa

P-3 Visa for Artist or Entertainer under a Culturally or Traditionally Unique Program Are you an artist or entertainer seeking to perform or teach or coach temporarily in the United States in an individual capacity or as part of a group under a culturally, artistic, musical, theatrical representation or performance that is unique in its…
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Q Non-Immigrant Visa

Q Cultural Exchange Visa Are you seeking to participate in an international cultural exchange program designated by the USCIS that is intended to share the culture, traditions, history of your home country or to provide practical training and employment? If so, the Q visa may be for you. How to become eligible for the Q…
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L-1B Non-Immigrant Visa

The L-1B Intracompany Specialized Knowledge The L-1 B nonimmigrant classification allows foreign companies seeking global growth and expansion in the U.S to transfer professional employees with specialized knowledge temporarily to work at their existing U.S. office or to set up a new office. It is the employer who files the petition on the behalf of…
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TN Non-Immigrant Visa for NAFTA Professionals

TN NAFTA Professionals If you are a national of Canada or Mexico seeking to enter temporarily in the United States to engage in business activities as a NAFTA Professional, the TN nonimmigrant visa may be for you. Individuals classified as Professionals are accountants, engineers, lawyers, pharmacists, scientists, and teachers. If you are a Canadian National…
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