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45,000 to become U.S. Citizens in recognition of Constitution and Citizenship Day

Happy U.S. Constitution and Citizenship Day! The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is celebrating Constitution day by hosting over 260 naturalization ceremonies around the nation from Sep. 14 to Sep. 23, welcoming approximately 45,000 lawful permanent residents as new official U.S. citizens. According to USCIS, there has been a 25 percent increase in…
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U.S. Immigration Opens More Opportunities for New Zealand Businesspeople and Investors

On Aug. 1, 2018, President Donald Trump signed the bipartisan bill S. 2245, “Knowledgeable Innovators and Worth Investors Act” (KIWI Act), into law, allowing New Zealand nationals to enter the U.S. under the E-1 Treaty Trader and E-2 Treaty Investor visas. This is a big step in business relations between the U.S. and New Zealand,…
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H-1B Denials on the Rise Under the Trump Administration

It’s no secret that the Trump administration has taken a firm stance on immigration; President Trump’s campaign rhetoric about building a wall along the Mexican/American border continues to be controversial, and his zero-tolerance approach to immigration policies have resulted in tragic events like families being separated at the border. However, new policies put in place…
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How to Determine When Your Immigration Petition or Application will be Processed

New automated pilot methodology It’s a common and frustrating issue when the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) gives you an estimated processing time for your immigration petition/application and it ends up being several months off. Inconsistent filing times are inconvenient for applicants who are planning to travel outside the United States and must wait…
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H-1B Cap Master’s Exemption Eligibility

USCIS released a memo Wednesday explaining that in order to be eligible for an H-1B Master’s Cap exemption, the school which granted the master’s degree or higher must have been an “United States institution of higher education” at the time the degree was earned. H-1B visas are capped at 65,000 per year, however, individuals who are eligible may…
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