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Welcome to the Scott Immigration Law Firm's site, a source of immigration information. Scott Immigration Law Firm is a leading Chicago based law firm. Browse the links for news on immigration law, as well as information on obtaining permanent residence through labor certification, national interest waiver, extraordinary ability, and/or outstanding researcher petitions as well as information on non-immigrant visas. Please note that this information is provided to all and should not be construed as a substitute for personal legal advice.

AV® Peer Review Rated
The preeminent Rating, achievable only after admission to the bar for at least ten years, indicating the highest level of legal ability and ethics. The pinnacle of professional excellence.

In an email from Martindale-Hubbell dated July 15, 2008, our firm received this congratulatory note:
"Your Peer Review Rating puts you in a very select group of attorneys. Congratulations from LexisNexis Martindale-Hubbell, and from your peers who took the time to recommend you for this selective rating."

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"Highly Recommended. The lawyer, Lisa, is very professional and is by far the most knowledgeable in immigration law. She and her staff are very well organized and she worked diligently on my case. I am now a permanent resident and I want to thank her from the bottom of my heart for all her outstanding help and support that she provided to me. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking any type of immigration services." - Reviewed by Dinesh


"Perfect. Lisa Scott and her assistant Kasia did a wonderful job as our lawyer in the process of getting the permanent residency (green card) for me and my wife. She was always on top of the process. She provided timelines that were always right and usually everything was done way before the end of the timeline. Her guidelines and work were excellent. Very organized, trustworthy and responsive. I would strongly Lisa Scott for any immigration issue.." - Reviewed by Jordi

"Lisa provided timely and professional advice to my RFE case. One of the best lawyers I have contacted." - Reviewed by H.C.

"Green Card/Adjustment of Status. Lisa was very straight forward with me from the beginning. She and Kasia (assistant) helped me switch from my OPT to my Green Card. They were organized and very timely. The whole process took only 3 months from the moment I submitted my application until I got my green card. I give it tribute to how they helped me fill out all the forms and support evidence of my marriage. I would trust Lisa with anything regarding immigration issues." - Reviewed by Pedro Gallegos

"Great and honest immigration lawyer. Great lawer who did a successful national interest waiver I-140 petition for me. Very knowledgeable and nice person. She is also very honest. After my I-140 was approved I asked her how much I should pay for the change of status I-485 petition. She checked her records and said zero (no charge) because the fee I have already paid included both I-140 and I-485. This case demonstrates her honesty." - Reviewed by Leonid

"Best Lawyer in d Universe. Lisa has helped my entire family (me, my wife & my in-laws) with our immigration issues. Lisa helped me successfully transfer my H1-B to a F1 visa. I was referred to Lisa by my school. When I first went to meet her, she patiently heard my case & explained the different options I had at that point. She explained me the entire process and answered all my questions. She personally reviewed all my documents and created a professional case. She was prompt in sending my documents to USCIS and in communicating the results to me. She also helped me to answer a RFE that I got during my application process. Not only did Lisa help me during my transfer but she continues to help me by answering all my questions and by clearing my doubts in regards to my F1/H1-B status. I was expecting an immigration lawyer to charge me a lot of money, but Lisa charged me a very reasonable fees. Lisa and her team are very helpful & professional. You can talk very openly & frankly with her & she is will give you an honest & truthful opinion. She has always been there to help me during my troubled times. I owe my existence in this country to her. I trust her from the bottom of my heart and will always be thankful to her. Thank you Lisa... I really appreciate all your help & guidance." - Reviewed by Rohit & Family

"Caring, thorough, awesome! Lisa was recommended to me by three friends. They obtained green cards through Lisa (EB1 and EB2 categories). The thing that stuck with me was that they thought Lisa was an honest, knowledgeable and professional attorney. Everyone said that she is not going to take the case if she does not think you have a chance of getting the green card. Based on this observation I went to see here. I explained my background and she told me that she liked my case for national interest waiver category. I agreed with her opinion and gathered all documents following her direction. This document gathering is difficult process and it is very important that you trust your attorney. Otherwise I cannot see how you can go through this stressful process. Once I finished collection of documents, Lisa promptly finished whole application and we applied in September of 2010. My I-140 petition was approved in late October of 2010. USCIS did not ask for any evidence. In late December of 2010 my wife’s and mine I-485 applications were approved. First week of 2011 we obtained green cards in mail. Looking back I can say that Lisa did an excellent job. I strongly recommend her to anyone in need of competent and honest immigration lawyer." - Reviewed by M.Golubovic

"Best Immigration Lawyer in Chicago! Lisa Scott recently helped me with my fiancé’s K-1 application. During the entire process, Lisa and her team were the quintessential professionals. They explained the process, which is quite detailed, never tiring in answering all my questions, and by doing so they demonstrated their expertise on the subject matter. I would not hesitate to recommend Lisa Scott’s legal services. You will find that Lisa is a true advocate and after experiencing her kindness, I am sure you will come to think of her, as I do, as a friend." - Reviewed by Molly

"Professional immigration service. I contacted Lisa to help me with my green card application (National interest waiver). She is rigorous in her selection of clients. I appreciated this as this means that no one's time or money is wasted. Over many emails she carefully evaluated my situation before she told me she could help me. This initial consultation was free. I received a list of documentation required. Throughout the process Lisa was meticulous in gathering supporting evidence of my eligibility for a green card. I had to provide copies of awards, claims, publications and professional memberships. I also needed to supply a research statement and media articles which described my area of specialization. In some cases I had to choose what information to supply and her in-depth experience of immigration law really helped clarify what information was pertinent. Gathering all these pieces of documentation was a painful task, but I believe the effort was worth it. My green card application was approved in 3 months. I could not have hoped for a better result. In addition, Lisa was responsive to my email inquiries. I had inquires regarding overseas travel and employment while my application was being considered by USCIS. She was professional in all her responses - she made no false promises, and stuck to the facts. I recommend her without reservation." - Reviewed by Kenneth

"Where do I begin? She was an amazing attorney. My husband and I brought a very interesting and muddled mess to Lisa. She approached me with compassion. At our first consultation I had my 2 1/2 year old daughter with me because we did not have anyone available to watch her. She was so kind and really did end up being the most amazing and smart person we have met throughout this INS process. I personally want to let you know that Lisa is trustworthy, open, and will give you a few possible scenarios. One might not be the most favorable but she will fight to the end to make sure that the outcome is positive. We are small business owners and she is self employed so we could see eye-to-eye on a lot of the issues surrounding our case and the overwhelming financial impact would be beyond just normal circumstances. She approached our situation as how she would handle it if it were her own situation. That was the best feeling. And the most honest. Thank you for keeping our family together in the United States and being not only a trusted lawyer, but a friend."

"Best Immigration Lawyer Ever. I received my green card about 10 months ago with the help of Scott Immigration Law Firm. They provided excellent service which was prompt and thorough. I never felt the pains of the process. I will especially recommend Lisa since she is very friendly, open and honest and I knew exactly the stage my application was in at any given time."

"Excellent Immigration Lawyer. I have known Lisa for over 10 years. She first helped me get my green card and later my US Citizenship. She came with me for my citizenship interview and made sure that all went well. I entirely trust Lisa and her decisions. As a result, I recommended Lisa to my brother and Lisa is currently helping him with his green card." - Reviewed by Bharat

"Rami Salahieh, College Instructor. I am very happy and honored that I finally have the opportunity to give a review to Ms. Lisa Scott our best ever Immigration lawyer. Ms. Scott was our Immigration lawyer since my wife and I were studying in college on F-1 student visa. We know her for over 7 years. Lisa helped us to obtain and renew our multiple H1-B’s for many employers. She eventfully helped me to file for my Labor Certificate Application under special Handling and get it approved. We are now a permanent USA resident. The best thing we like about Lisa as an immigration lawyer is her integrity and honesty. She always says the truth no matter how good or bad is our immigration case. The very good thing you need to know about Lisa is that she will always tell you the inside facts about your immigration case. We were many times very worry and stressed out about our immigration case, but Lisa was always supportive and very frank and clear about what we need to do next. When I filled for my I-485 application, the USCIS requested multiple RFE's “Request for Evidence” therefore I end up consulting with many other immigration lawyers to get a second opinion for our complex immigration case. At the end we realized that we wasted our time and money and realized that Ms. Lisa Scott answer to our immigration case was the most honest and smart one. Ms. Scott is a very knowledgeable about immigration. Over the years she became not only our Lawyer but also our friend. She has a very professional staff at her law firm that that always answer our infinite questions via phone calls, emails, or in person. Do not waste your time, if you need an honest, experienced, and reasonable fee immigration lawyer, then go to Lisa, she is the best. Lisa, Thank you very much for all your support and infinite help, Love and respect, Rami and Dima" - Reviewed by Rami and Dima

"The best immgration attorney in the city. Lisa helped me with my green card application and she and her amployees have been exceptional during the all preocess." - Reviewed by Rossella

"LISA SCOTT - The best attorney in Immigration matters in the whole USA. My association with Ms Lisa Scott starts from 2004, when Ms. Scott was our attorney to process my wife's H1-B visa and the dependent visas. We were so impressed, happy and satisfied with her excellent professional competence and sincerity, that when the time for my green card processing came in 2008, I never bothered to even consider a second option, but approached Ms Scott again. I could not get an employer sponsored green card, due to certain employer policies. I discussed my options with her with respect to my background of 17 years of research experience as a plant scientist in my home country. Ms Scott reviewed my resume thoroughly and identified that I was eligible to apply for GC in EB1 category, without any sponsor, based only on my credentials. This was a big relief to me and my family as I was so concerned about the GC with my employer unable to sponsor me. Ms.Scott agreed to process my green card application and it was filed in April 2008. We had a lot of correspondence in this regard for getting all the documents ready for filing in EB1. I had to get a number of documents ready and Ms Scott provided me with templates to help me in this regard and was very patient with the time consuming process of getting all the documents ready. She reviewed them very meticulously and approved it. I should state that I am so happy with her proficiency in the latest immigration rules and regulations and extremely impressed with the perfect professional advices and suggestions she gave me, in this entire process. I should congratulate her for the most modern electronic procedures / software she uses to let us give her all the required data and other documents, with utmost ease. Everything was so well organized with no ambiguity. As a scientist, I value that a great deal. I was also very impressed for the quick response to all my questions with the right answers. Her experience, knowledge and sincerity draw my best words of appreciation for her. I should also place on record my appreciation for her staff, highly reflecting Ms. Scott's sincerity and professional abilities. I am proud to say I was a client of Ms Scott and would be happy to recommend her to anyone who needs to successfully get through the complex procedures of immigration. Thank you Lisa. We appreciate your help- a lot." - Reviewed by Dr. Saji Abraham and Elizabeth, Chicago

"she's the best! 3 other attorneys had told me that my case will take 3-5 years. With Lisa Scott I received the green card in seven months from the day we started the process. If the case is hopeless she'll tell you this right away....even if you don't want to hear that. Lisa will not take your money if she's not able to help. I will ALWAYS recommend the legal services she provides." - Reviewed by Katarzyna

"First class service and response. Even emailed me back with answers when she was on holiday. Can be highly recommended, and doesn't hide behind voicemail." - Reviewed by Bill

"Scott Immigration Law Firm. I have recently used Scott Immigration law firm's cervices to file I-140 NIW and I-485. I-140 was submitted in April 2007, was approved after RFE in June 2008. Price and guaranteed success: Most likely when you look around, you will be able to find a cheaper immigration attorney. However, when I was considering different options, the most important factor to me was - the reputation and success rate. From several independent sources I have heard that Lisa Scott is one of the best immigration lawyers in Chicago area. So I decided that in the long run it will turn out to be better to pay one or two thousand more, but to ensure that my case is handled by the best in the business. 
She does not give you any guarantee that the case will or will not be successful. I found it very professional, as opposed to those who claim certain amount of guarantee. Also from several people I have heard that she takes the case only if she believes that it has a significant probability to be approved. I personally know couple of people who's cases she did not take, although they were more than ready to pay her for the cervises. 
Preparing documents for NIW petition: It will take you some time and effort to collect all the documents and support letters. Lisa provides you with several templates for the support letters and the questionnaire, which helps you to structure your achievements in a way that USCIS people can see exactly what they look for during decision making process. It will be your responsibility to provide all the information and modify templates for support letters according to your case. Lisa will take care of final corrections and adjustments. When you have all the paperwork ready, you hand it over to her and she finalizes it, indexes and submits to USCIS. Responsiveness and knowledgeability: I am a person who likes to have everything organized, and who does things according to the plan. In this respect, it was my pleasure to work with Lisa, who responded to e-mails immediately, and was always able to give me a time-frame regarding to the preparation of the documents. I found her extremely professional and knowledgeable of what she does. Also it is worth mentioning that her assistants are very friendly, helpful and understanding, which I found to be very important in this stressful situation. 
Handling RFE from USCIS: In most of the cases with NIW they will send you the request for additional evidence (RFE). Practically the yes/no from USCIS will depend on your response to the RFE. And again I have to say that she was very good in handling that situation. She reviewed the RFE and decided what exactly we needed to submit. Although I felt like I have enough for the RFE response, she insisted to provide more documents than they requested, in order to ensure the approval. Although I was in a time-crunch, I decided to follow her suggestions and never regretted about it. My case was approved in a week after submitting a response to RFE. Overall impression: I highly recommend Lisa Scott immigration firm. She is very knowledgeable, responsive and understanding. She takes the handling of the case personally and ensures that everything, and a little bit more than required, is done for the approval. It was my pleasure to have business with her." - Reviewed by Matt

"understanding ,knowing, kind and comprehensive. I received great support working with Lisa Scott. She made everything easy for me to understand and follow up. Whenever I had questions , even when I had to ask the same thing again or when I wasn't sure what to expect I got quick and more than reliable answers. From the very beginning of the process I felt that I am working with somebody I can trust in the machinery process of immigration. A truly professional good feeling relation." - Reviewed by Wolfgang

"I was writing to thank you for your excellent service. I appreciate all the work you two have done for Jeremiah and I and the careful attention with which you did it. You've made our transition much easier and bearable! I won't think twice about recommending you in my circle of friends." - Marriage based Adjustment.

"My I-140 got approved! Thank you very much for your help! I highly appreciate it! I would like to specifically thank all the personal from your firm for the very professional and friendly attitude. It was my pleasure to have business with you. I will be giving your firm the highest recommendations to my colleagues! Thank you once again for your help and understanding during such an important process as immigration/naturalization!" - Reviewed by MG
"Thank you very much for your email. My wife received her green card by mail two days ago. Thank you very much for your help! With my pleasure, I will highly recommend Scott Immigration Firm to any of my friends who might pursue immigration to US in the future."  - Reviewed by LM
"Lisa, D. and I want to thank you very much for your professional, endless support, and being always an honest. Thank you also goes to Marina, Agata, and Casha, you all demonstrated not only professorial support, but a great patient to our infinite phone calls and emails. We love you all." - Reviewed by R.S
"The following attached is the approval notice for my I140. It is really a long waiting. I did appreciate the time you spent and any effort you did on my case."
"Thank you very much for helping me with this difficult and lengthy process. I appreciated your professionalism and efficiency. Your counsel has meant a lot to me, I knew I could trust your opinion and advice, I knew that all my legal questions regarding this process will be answered. Please extend my thanks to the rest of the personnel in your firm with whom I interacted at some point. You can definitely add my words to your website. I expressed my sincere appreciation for your expertise and help. I would recommend your counsel to other individuals pursuing the immigration path. I already did actually... " - Reviewed by A.D.
"I got my card last night in the mail. My family and I are so excited. What a relief and heavy load off our shoulders. Words cannot begin to express how thankful I am to you and your staff, in helping me out, not once but twice and both times you succeeded. From the bottom of my heart, I am saying thank you. You are the best. 

I will see you in two and half years when my wife applies for her citizenship. " - Reviewed by M.G
"Thank you!!! Thank you for everything. You and your staff are very professional and very nice. Thank you for supporting and be patient with us in this long and hard process." - Reviewed by Francesco
"Saludos Cordiales. Just to confirm you that over two weeks ago we received our Green Cards. We appreciate all the time and patience you invested with our case. We are extremely happy about becoming Permanent Residents of this beautiful country. We also are very happy with the service that Scott Immigration provided to us." 
"We are so grateful for the high quality immigration service your firm has provided throughout the whole process starting in December 2004. Although this long application process has been full of uncertainties, application in each stage has been planned and execuated in a timely manner. therefore, the final approval of our green card application without any troubles is a good example to show the excellent and professional helps from your firm. Thank you so very much." - National interest waiver client
"We really appreciate that you were always there when we had any query. Your approach and dealing with your clients as well as work ethics should be very good example for every attorney. I also admire your staff for their professionalism. I will not hesitate to recommend your name as an Immigration attorney in the future." - National Interest Client
"I am very impressed by the effective, responsible, and responsive service Scott immigration provided throughout the application process. With their excellent professional help, it took me totally only 1.5 year to receive my green card." - Reviewed by Chunxiao (Tricia) Chigan
"Thank you for your help!! All of these was done by your help! I cannot imagine doing all the paper works without your help. It was wonderful to get your quick email response whenever I have questions. It was nice to have your assistants ( Marina, Rachel, and John) who helped me polish my supportive letters, and write a very nice concise statement letter. I hope you do not mind that I have given out your information to my friends who also in Harvard Medial School area." - Reviewed by Zheng (Jane) Zhang MD PhD
"Thank you once again for your professionalism, knowledge and all effort you put into my case. Your concern for every client should be example for every immigration lawyer. My boss said that dealing with you was astonishingly easy comparing to the experiences he had before with the immigration lawyers. Thank you so much." - Reviewed by Zorica Sekanic
"My wife and I have got our cards yesterday. I would like to say "thank you" to [...] Lisa Scott's Immigration Firm for your great assistance during this long and arduous process. Your work, which provides legal service to would-be immigrant or immigrant, can not simply be defined as a form of business, its is part of social service to the entire immigrant community. Your work has the great meaning of advocating the "weak" vs. " powerful"; "individual" vs. " institution". This country and this world is better off with your passionate work. If anything I can do for you in the future, please don't hesitate to contact me." - Reviewed by Fuhu Chen
"I wanted to thank you for the fantastic work you and your firm did on my behalf. I was seriously worried about how to time my job search, and beyond relieved to have my petition resolve so quickly and painlessly. If you’d like to use me as a reference in the future, I would be more than happy to sing your praises." - Reviewed by Joanna Campbell (University special handling (PERM)- EB-2 client)
"Once again, thank you and your firm staff for your excellent support!" - Reviewed by Jianmin Fang



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