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 “In all the years my case had pended, I had seen my share of attorneys. Not one of them stood out like Lisa Scott. She is a fighter. She will give you all she has.” Full Review

“After 7 years of waiting for my family-sponsored petitions priority date, I did not want to take any chances, and looked for an attorney who is knowledgeable and I could trust. She is both! -Maggie

It is very clear that Lisa is truly passionate about her work.

 “I want to extend my thanks to you for sharing such helpful and important information with the group of students and staff at Northwestern last Thursday evening.  [Lisa was] incredibly generous with [her] time and resources and I know it is greatly appreciated by all.  It is very clear that [Lisa is] truly passionate about [her] work as well!”

-Rebekah Kane

Her staff is also very friendly, helpful, approachable, and fast in communicating via email.

I hired Lisa for my green card application for the Outstanding Researcher category. She is very knowledgeable, helpful, professional, and approachable. I highly recommend her. Let me also add that I prefer communicating via email instead of phone and Lisa always replied to my emails very quickly, which is invaluable for immigration cases where there is so much uncertainty. Last but not the least, her staff is also very friendly, helpful, approachable, and fast in communicating via email, too. All in all, I highly recommend Lisa and her staff.


Immigration legal work executed flawlessly, and for a fair price!

Lisa Scott was able to help me obtain my green card in a timely manner. I arrived to America to perform a job that required lots of international travel. I encountered many immigration issues to travel to certain countries and she was always able to find a way to help me with my travels and answer all my questions. During process of obtaining my green card, I had to renew temporary visas constantly and she always provided professional advice and support with every renewal.

throughout the entire process. Lisa was responsive, knowledgeable and professional. She made it very easy for me to comply with documentation and regulations.

Her team is also highly efficient, effective, and professional. I specifically worked a lot with Kasia Rechmal, legal assistant, who was nice to work with, professional, and a very pleasant person to interact with. Kasia always answered all my questions timely and provided explanations that were easy to understand when complicated and technical issues took place.

I highly recommend Lisa Scott and her team.



I am a scientist (Biophysicist) and I contracted Lisa Scott as my legal representative to petition for a NIW EB-2. My experience with Lisa and her firm has been extremely positive.
Prior to accepting to be my legal representative she took the time to ask all the specific questions needed for her to evaluate the likelihood of success. I am doing basic science and I was looking for an attorney who has experience with basic scientists. I am very impressed by Lisa Scott ability to translate the very technical scientific vocabulary I am using on a daily basis in a way that is understandable in layman term but without being generic. This is a very difficult exercise and she really did a fantastic job into giving a clear demonstration that what I am doing is important for the nation. The petition she assembled was very strong and it has just been accepted, four months after submission (which is also the processing time predicted by the USCIS at this time).
One of the thing I appreciate the most is that she is extremely responsive by email each time questions arise.
I am also very pleased and very enthusiastic about her legal assistant Kasia Rechmal, who helped us assembling the final documents. This is definitely a winning team, and I strongly recommend them.


She presented me with all the possible options [so] that I can make my dream happen.

Usually, people who work for the university immigration office are very pessimistic and discouraging about any situation that involves staying in the United States. They never suggest possibilities and always says something negative about what we say, which has discouraged me to even bring up my goals to them.

However, I could tell that Lisa absolutely understands what we want to do, how we feel, what our concerns are, and how we want to talk as an international student. She’s never shut down any idea I had. Instead, she presented me with all the possible options [so] that I can make my dream happen. She was very motivational and aspirational.

I just wanted to show my gratitude for how [she is] helping struggling international students see the future and stay confident about themselves.

Thank you so much.

-Mako, DePaul Graduate Student

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