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Help a Refugee Family

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A refugee family from Honduras will be welcomed this week Tuesday, the 12th to a home in Chicago.

As they begin this new chapter of their lives,  this family will be in need of clothing, food, school supplies, holiday decorations, monetary donations, or anything else to make this family feel at home.


Size 5 pants, size small tops, size 7.5 shoe


Age 10- Size 10 pants, size 12 tops, size 5 shoe (but larger sizes needed, too)


Age 4-Sizes 4/5 (larger okay too)

Donations may be dropped off at our office:
Scott Global Migration Law Group
2011 N Racine Avenue.

We will also make accomodations to pick up donations. We can be reached by phone or by email:

Thank you for all you help.  Please feel free to share this link around!