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P-3 Non-Immigrant Visa

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P-3 Visa for Artist or Entertainer under a Culturally or Traditionally Unique Program

Are you an artist or entertainer seeking to perform or teach or coach temporarily in the United States in an individual capacity or as part of a group under a culturally, artistic, musical, theatrical representation or performance that is unique in its genre? If so, the P-3 visa may be for you.

Who can be eligible for the P-3 visa?

The program for which you are seeking a P-3 visa must be intended to teach, coach, develop, interpret your unique art through the performance of cultural events that aim to better understand your art. The program need not be of a commercial nature.

Who files the P-3 visa petition?

The petition may be filed by either a U.S. employer or a sponsoring organization or their respective authorized agents along with proof of a signed contractual employment agreement between the U.S. employer and the foreign artist, proof of the unique cultural or traditional nature of the performance or representation, letters or affidavits from experts in the field who can attest that the program is culturally or traditionally unique in its genre based on their knowledge of the artist’s or the group’s skills, a written consultation from a labor organization, an itinerary if the performance is to take place in different locations.

How long the P-3 visa is valid?

The P-3 visa is issued for a period not to exceed one year as the performance or representation is expected to be completed within that time frame. An extension of stay can be granted in increment of one year so that the performance or representation be completed.

Can a P-3 artist or entertainer change employer while in the United States?

Yes, the artist or entertainer may change employer. However, the new employer must first file the petition and the new employment may not start until the petition has been approved.

Can the P-3 visa holder bring his or her family into the United States?

Yes, the P-3 visa holder can bring his spouse and children who are under the age of 21. However, the spouse and children are not authorized to work while in the United States but can enroll in a school or college program.

What if the performance or representation requires the assistance of support staff?

If the artist or entertainer’s representation or performance requires the help of support staff that provides services that cannot be performed by a U.S. worker, a P-3 visa can be issued on the behalf of the support staff, which may include trainers, coaches, or referees, to name a few.

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