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P-1A Non-Immigrant Visa

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P-1A Internationally Recognized Athlete

Are you an athlete internationally recognized who will be performing at a competition level either in a group or in an individual capacity? If so, the P-1A classification may be right for you.

Who may qualify as an athlete?

You may qualify as an athlete if you are planning to compete in a particular top level sport event of and have earned international recognition in more than one country in that sport category. You may be competing individually or as part of a team.

The filing of the application

The employer or authorized agent who files the petition of behalf of the athlete must provide a consultation from an existing appropriate labor organization (if applicable) explaining the work or services to be performed in the United States and the athlete’s qualifications.

Validity of the P-1A

If the athlete will compete individually, the P-1A will be valid for the duration of the sport event (not to exceed 5 years)
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